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Pink moon

The full moon of April arrives on the wings of all sorts of cosmic mayhem recently. It is known as the pink moon from the appearance of the moss pink spring flowers. This full moon signifies the birthing of new ideas and intentions. Spring is about rebirth and giving yourself permission to see what seeds […]
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The universe expands and contracts and does this cycle for infinity. When it expands, everything is exactly as it is now, with the possibility of change. Every mistake I have ever made, I will live through at my next pass, and I will keep repeating this every time. Again, and again, and again So in […]
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Failure has no definition except one, which is the inability to achieve one’s said objective, goal or purpose. However success has numerous definitions depending on the objective, goal or purpose. Ponder on this a while. I know I did. A lifetimes worth. With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom
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