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Solfeggio frequencies

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Sound is the language of the soul.

Music is a composition of frequencies that can effect us in many ways. It can inspire us, irritate us, calm us, make us happy or sad. Vibrational frequencies act uniquely on everyone. One piece of music can make one person feel one way and the other person entirely different. We “react” to vibrational frequencies of sound depending on our own energetic fields, and since sound is energy it interacts with our fields just the same. When the fields meet they create a feeling that our bodies ( not just ears) receive and transit it to the heart. Both brain and heart process these interactions.

Sound waves just like light waves are able to store a lot of information and inherently knowledge, that can travel vast distances. Everything vibrates at a particular frequency and this too can vary. The denser an object the lower the frequency. The lighter an object the higher the frequency. Lower vibrations tend to create emotions of sadness, irritability, anger, and higher vibrations tend to create emotions of happiness, joy, love. These are just sound and emotions working together exploring the full breadth of expression of experiences.

Sound healing is a particular form of healing and many practitioners of this art, use the ancient techniques of sound via crystals, or singling bowls. The idea being that since we are energy based beings, and as disease states are basically disruptive to our energy centers or fields, then the practitioner is able to use various tones and frequencies to replete and fix or even heal the energetic fields restoring them back to their original well functioning blueprints.

WE are made up of frequency and so we possess musical intelligence. We are essentially musical beings expressing the emotions of the stars through experience. We can make music with our fingers, toes, whole bodies and voice. We are part of an intricate web of vibrational frequency of sound and light and we can see musical harmonics in everything and in life.

There are healing frequencies that were discovered known as the Solfeggio Frequencies. Just a little on that

396Hz transforms grief into joy and guilt into forgiveness

417 Hz clears negativity from subconscious blocks

528 Hz stimulates love and balance and repairs DNA

639 Hz strengthens relationships

741 Hz removes toxins

852 Hz opens up intuitions

Music is passion that needs a stir. Time to jam to some new harmonics and raise that vibrational frequency in the orchestra we call life.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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