My name is Dr. Nitin Bhatnagar.

I am an author, motivator, teacher, healer. As a cardiologist also trained in Energetic Medicine, Angelic Reiki, and as a Soul empowerment life Coach, I can help you empower your life to its highest potential by revealing your perceptions and reintegrating them to achieve balance, love and harmony. I am dedicated to each person who is willing and committed to undertake their own honorable and sacred journey of self discovery and assist them as their guide. I live an inspired destiny, I offer the same to you.

How do I do this?

  • Private Consultations

  • Group workshops

  • Daily writings

  • Weekly blogs

What areas can I help you with?

  • Stress relief

  • Self worth

  • Loss or grief

  • Dealing with present or past challenges

  • Dealing with relationships

  • Troubling emotions

  • Identifying vision and life purpose

  • Identifying goals and values




This deals with mindsets or perceived limitations. I will help you identify and clear your patterns of perceptions. A few examples I can help your with:


·         Identifying self-limiting beliefs


·         Clearing people that take up space in your mind. 


·         Feeling stuck in your job 


·         Feeling stagnant in your life


·         Feeling restricted financially 


·         Overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, inner conflict, PTSD, grief, fears.


·         Uncovering why you attract the same disempowering people in your life


This deals with matters of the heart and helps you see your perceptions in relationships. A few examples I can help you with:


·         Healing relationships of the past


·         Discover how to see the perfection in your present relationship


·         Discover how to attract your ideal partner


·         Clearing mindsets to attract new relationships into your life 

·         How to empower yourself in your present relationship


This deals with matters of the Soul and helps you see how your perceptions hold you back from your living an inspired life and achieving your full potential. A few examples I can help you with:


·         Empowering all areas of life


·         Identifying your purpose


·         Clarifying your vision


·         Streamline your goals and mission


·         Balancing your perceptions of the mind and consciousness 


·         How you can live an inspired life


·         How you can learn to love yourself


·         Discovering your full potential