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November full moon

Welcome to the full moon that follows the 11/11 energy star portal which is a potent gateway for spiritual advancement and awakening Here is a little invocation I created in mediation to assist you in activating the gridlines of love within you and across the planet Take a deep breath and then with heart centered
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Alvin speaks.. Whether you are hard at work observing everyone around you, or busy flying constantly to and fro to the north pole, or tirelessly helping build wonderful toys for all the children in world, or compiling detailed daily progress reports for your big jolly red boss… work is work and you have to
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Failure has no definition except one, which is the inability to achieve one’s said objective, goal or purpose. However success has numerous definitions depending on the objective, goal or purpose. Ponder on this a while. I know I did. A lifetimes worth. With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom
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