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Pink moon

The full moon of April arrives on the wings of all sorts of cosmic mayhem recently. It is known as the pink moon from the appearance of the moss pink spring flowers. This full moon signifies the birthing of new ideas and intentions. Spring is about rebirth and giving yourself permission to see what seeds you planted in the new moon come to bloom. Setting goals and making wishes earlier in the month now are harvested in this full moon magic. To this end I have created a powerful invocation to help you harness the power of the full moon and alchemize your truths. ( repeat 3x)

I am my Higher Self Blueprint

I am my original design

I bring forth the purposes of my spirit

I seed my intentions for life

I unleash the beauty of my soul

I harvest my potential each day forth

I give myself permission to breathe my divinity into my life

I create what lies within my heart space

I am the expression of divine experience

I am the keeper of my magnificence.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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