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Failure has no definition except one, which is the inability to achieve one’s said objective, goal or purpose. However success has numerous definitions depending on the objective, goal or purpose. Ponder on this a while. I know I did. A lifetimes worth. With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom
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Life is Magnificent

Life is a magnificent experiment through research, understanding and discovery. Life is not about looking under the rock or behind a bush to simply say ” See I was right !” Instead life is about saying ” Oh wow, who would have thought that was possible” With Blessings of Love, Light and
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Dark Trail

Ever been on a dark trail and you cannot see the path? I know I have. What do you do? Well take out a flashlight and shine the way and travel on that path of course. But first you need to have the intention to want to take out the flashlight versus fumble about in […]
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