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The noise

The noise

There is so much noise in my head. Lists to do, things to accomplish, tasks to complete, places to go. Responsibilities, Accountabilities. It never ends. The burdens and the madness that continues in waves on a daily basis.

I can’t stand it anymore, so I cover my ears. Yet the din remains.

When I have finished lying to myself about the perceptions around me and recognize the truth with in myself and that of others around me I regain the respect of myself and that towards others.

Through respect, I learn to love. Through love I learn to not give into the impulses of my emotions. Now pleasure and pain become one, as neither holds a greater influence over me. Balanced.

I give of myself without any expectations from anyone or anything.

I discover that I am awakening when I recognize that I do not have to hold on to the suffering anymore.

The noise dims a little more.

My self worth increases because I see it, and not because I need anyone else to acknowledge it.

The noise is barely there. It is faint. But still present.

I cannot live with this hum in my being

So I discover my passion. I stir it.

It livens me up. There is now silence.

My soul sings again. And this time I hear the sweet music.

It grows loudly, till it takes over my heart, mind and body.

I am complete once again.

Connected to the stars and to the earth, I am home.

I am timeless, ageless, and eternal.

Discover your passion, stir it, nurture it, live it. Beyond that is just background noise.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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