Just be

In a world where you can
BE a professional,
BE a farmer,
BE an engineer
BE a scientist
BE an artist
BE a musician
BE a parent
BE a teacher
BE a waiter
BE a driver
BE a clerk

In a world where you can BE anything you choose to BE

Simply just BE You

We all come with a unique set of gifts and talents…

No matter how small you may think your skill set or how important you believe your talent is…..

We are parts of a larger cosmic engine that needs ALL its parts to operate and function and BE who they were meant to BE

NO job or gift or talent is more necessary or less necessary…

Without YOU, the world would function less efficiently

So find your purpose, talent, gift and use it.

In a world where you can be anything…

just BE
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

One Comment

  1. Be what you are is also predestined- You can only modify your being to a certain extent- You cannot do what you feel like without talent
    given by God or Universe ( another name)

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