The unknown.

I was watching a baseball game the other day and had a bit of a startling revelation. No matter how many times the batter would hit the pitched ball, the possibilities of what would transpire next were near limitless. With each pitch and each batting opportunity, the game would continue to evolve and soon take on a shape of its own. Some would define this as the score of the game as each team creates and manifests winning and losing opportunities.

So in fact I do not know what form the game will finally shape up to be, which heightens the anticipation and excitement of the game. The unknown defined the intensity and passion for the adventure that was unfolding. If I knew the outcome and all the possibilities I would perhaps lose interest in the game itself.

So in essence I valued my ignorance of what would transpire next. I applied this logic to my own existence. If I knew all the outcomes of my life, then what would be the purpose of even having an experience if not to play out the possibilities of an idea, a thought, an intention, or an action.

Experiencing the unknown is what defines me as being Human. I am constantly searching for the answers to my questions, yet also looking for new questions to ask. And in fact getting clearer in asking the right questions. It is through this I explore my universe, my life, and the meanings of the possibilities of the unknown. I push the boundaries of my knowledge and understandings.

I am not here to conquer my fear of the unknown but explore its possibilities, and in doing so define myself. When I coexist with the unknown, I learn.

“When I know the unknown, and I have faced it, it is now simply just an experience. “-Dr Nitin Bhatnagar

With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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