Thought I would share with you an interesting conversation I had with my 3y old daughter the other day.

Picture this: its 5am, and I am creeping out of the room to leave and my daughter sneaks up behind me in the darkness while the rest of the house slumbers in the stillness and says:

Daughter: Where are you going ?

Me: To work.

Daughter: Why?

Me: because I have to make money

Daughter: Why?

Me: Because I get paid to go and see patients

Daughter: Why?

Me: um…. because the patients need me

Daughter why?

Me: Because they are sick

Daughter: Why?

Me: uh…Because I can try to make them better

Daughter: Why?

Me: hmmm….Because I choose to help them

Daughter Why?

Me: Ah….I like helping others

Daughter: why?

Me: ( sigh of truth) it is my goal in life to help as many people as I can.

Daughter: ( silence) and she walks away

I learned a valuable lesson from this brief encounter. Keep asking the right questions to get clarity in what you do. In this case the question of WHY was paramount to clarify why I get up early in the morning and goto work. It was not for money, but in fact to help as many people as I can.

When the right question was asked, the answers went from an egoic “money” and prideful idea of “what I thought I can do, ” to finally a more balanced response of the truth.

Thank you daughter for teaching a valuable lesson, it is never too early in the morning to be humbled and learn.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Awesome
    C how the simplest of situations ake life simpler

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