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There are times when we are doing sports and we injure ourselves. A sprain, a rip, a tear, Some will say we did not use the correct form or were in too much of a hurry or better yet not focussed. Some may even blame us for being too ambitious or prideful and we got […]
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Gratitude is an amazing magic wand. There will be times when we are faced with what may feel as insurmountable hurdles. It may suddenly take form in our mind as a physical representation. Let me elaborate. It may feel that the task ahead is so hard such as massive boulders obstructing the tunnel road ahead. […]
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DOcters corner

DOctor’s corner. Hi folks, another interesting client healing story. As always these are shared with the explicit permission of the client. I had the pleasure of meeting my client on saturday afternoon, when I got the call that they were complaining of knee pain. It was their right knee and the symptoms had
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Crossfit kids

So this past weekend something amazing happened. I became certified in Crossfit Kids. This is in addition to my training I recently completed to become a certified Crossfit Level 1 trainer. Why did I do it? 1. Perhaps I was helping my inner child. The little guy who never exercised or learned to eat healthy […]
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