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3y old conversation

Here we go again another early morning wake up.

My 3.3 y old chronically wakes up before 5am. In the wee hours of the morning my eyes are literally pried open by her little fingers as she looks into my skull to find my sleepy soul.

” Wakey wakey time to get up” her little voice taunts.

So I decided to figure this out. ( Memo to self do not try to rationalize with a 3 year old)

Me: ” Honey why are you up so early?”

Daughter: ” It is morning time”

Me: ” Do you see the sun up?”

Daughter ” No”

Me: ” It is not morning time till the sun is up”

Daughter ” No”

Me: ” What do you mean NO? You do not wake up before the sun is awake”

Daughter:” No , the sun will be awake because I am awake”

The boldness and the confidence was astounding. Her unblinking eyes looking at me and the unfaltering voice told me that she actually believed that the sun is commanded by her. It is her awakening that shall create the sun rise.

I was humbled by her innocent though powerful statement.

Could not argue with her logic at the point. And so continues the saga of my chronic sleep deprivation.
I love you

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