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Hi folks, another interesting client healing story. As always these are shared with the explicit permission of the client.

I had the pleasure of meeting my client on saturday afternoon, when I got the call that they were complaining of knee pain. It was their right knee and the symptoms had been gradually been getting worse. As always we checked for structural and other disease pathology which had already been done by her physician. Yet nothing was helping. hot packs, cold packs analgesic gels, stretching etc. Yet the symptoms were not even exacerbated by walking but now had become cumbersome that was interfering with ambulation.

We had numerous sessions and uncovered who she was “kneeling down to” in respects to decisions and authority. She was not kneeling down to her job, and being subordinated by others decisions and actions and not living her own life congruently to her highest values.

We worked together on perception integration and energetic healing techniques and managed to dissolve the charges that she had against others, but more so towards her self. She had been subordinating to her non true self and not living her life. She had been living the fantasy of others.

Knee pain went away and so far not returned. She understood as long as she was living a life filled with her values she would remain balanced.

I am grateful to have been able to help her with her issue with the use of energy medicine.

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Author: Brown Knight

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