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Crossfit kids

Another exciting Crossfit kids programming that I made up and had my kids do it.

SKILL Foundation squats

WARM up: stretching , Jump up and down rotating clockwise and then anti clockwise, Jumping jacks. Roll on floor side from side

SKill: Demonstrate skill and then Practice skill : superhero lifting sky from squat position. Resting back on heels and keeping arms up to hold the sky. ( straightening the back)

WOD: 4 cones in square 4 meters apart.
AMRAP ( 5min) :
1 run around all the cones
1 broad jump around the grid like a super hero, chest up and spring up mighty
1 walking lunge wth arms up once around grid holding up the sky.
( smaller kid inside cones, older kid on outside cones)

GAME: Each child has to transport 3 little lego figures one at a time between 2 cones.. about 8 meters apart. . Once complete , then repeat by hopping and bring your lego figures back.

The 3 year old was to recite 5 colors she knew at the end of each shuttle run. The 7 year old was to recite 5 names of countries.

They were exhausted.. they both lay on the driveway happy and pooped out !!

“Daddy I like your games they make me laugh…..” says the 7y old.

” Can we do it again tomorrow ?” says the 3 year old

“Yes.. there will be more ” I replied

Constantly varied, high intensity functional movements. Keep them moving
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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