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So this past weekend something amazing happened. I became certified in Crossfit Kids. This is in addition to my training I recently completed to become a certified Crossfit Level 1 trainer. Why did I do it?

1. Perhaps I was helping my inner child. The little guy who never exercised or learned to eat healthy growing up, till a few years ago. The same little guy who continued to remain unhealthy with lack of exercise and bad dietary habits and suffered because of it. I did it for him
2. Perhaps I did it for my own kids, so I could bond with them in a deeper way. I already create work outs for them with lunges, pushups, and squats and running trials and we do it together. We have oodles of fun. Having learned now infinite more, I can create more bountiful and meaningful connections with the new found wisdom of exercise and nutrition. I did it for them.
3. Perhaps I did it to help promote good health in the next generation. My patients who already have heart disease or stroke etc despite what they have done with medical advances and treatments still belong to the “cat is out of the bag” category. I cannot change or reverse their coronary vessel burden. Yet what if I can work on a population that promotes vastly PREVENTING their plaque burden through education and nurturing their exercise and nutrition. Now that would be a wonder to help change the world. The idea of promoting sustained good health and fitness through this modality on a population before they are relatively un polluted would be a great way to help them enhance their future. I did it for them.
4. I did it to help serve the world unleash its full potential by helping little humans do amazing things. Moreover having them discover their creative genius and building on it, would be a most satisfying journey for me indeed. I did it for the little humans.

I am abundantly grateful for the coaches at the course, and my co-attendees. It was a beautiful weekend to spend in Boston.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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