” I am surrounded by idiots”
” I cant stand the incompetence around me”
” Why is everyone acting this way?”

Sound familiar? Thoughts that you have conceived or words that you have spoken out loud or under your breath. Ask yourself is everyone around you really incompetent or idiotic? Unlikely. Watch the next time you see someone behave in a way that displeases you.

We see things the way they are. Yet we are consumed by things that trigger a part of us that we have not yet owned. And so they continue to bother us till we own them and uncover another part of the unbalanced equation. In my perception I may see somebody as behaving a particular way. Yet if it bothers me, then it is wise for me to own that behavior. So I ask myself ” when have I been incompetent ? Or when have I behaved like an idiot?” It is here I begin to own that which I see in front of me.

But why even do this exercise? Simple, to balance out triggers. Every trait that exists is within us. If we own every trait then we have less triggers. Less triggers mean less behaviors that bother us, and so we lead more balanced and content lives. With my mind at the center, I am better able to then see things for what they are and not what I perceive them to be based on my personal judgements and biases. And also see things for how they are. This then serves me to understand why they are. This in turn puts me in a condition to respond from a space of reverence and patience.

Surrounded by idiots? Remember that to someone else, YOU are that idiot !!
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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