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There are times when we are doing sports and we injure ourselves. A sprain, a rip, a tear, Some will say we did not use the correct form or were in too much of a hurry or better yet not focussed. Some may even blame us for being too ambitious or prideful and we got what we deserved. Some may even judge us for being absent minded as the injury occurred. I work with athletes to figure out where did the injury occur, not physically but psychologically. It could have been the shoulder, knee, hip, foot, or whatever. The body part is just a reminder of that which is psychologically imbalanced and reflected back to us. It is not the judgement of others that bring about the injury. That’s just society reminding you of the disowned part of yourself.

Think about it. The word “injury”. Break that down. ” IN-JURY” or think of it as jury from within. You are judging yourself. This is an area I have been helping athletes discover not only why they have certain injuries but also what is holding them back from achieving that personal record that they once did and unable to get back to it. Conversely, we investigate what is holding them back from reaching that next level or goal.

When we judge ourselves, we either are putting ourselves up or down. Yet we rarely remain in balance. When we achieve something great, notice how the following time we go for the same attempt we either are unable to reach it or injure ourselves or fail. Then we falter and are “emotionally” hurt. Why? Because the universe is trying to bring us back to balance by becoming humble after we were prideful for our achievement. It may not always be a physical injury. It could be an emotional injury or an injury we do to ourselves with the food we eat immediately after the achievement.

In-jury does not happen when we are in complete balance psychologically and physiologically as we remain in a state of gratitude and focussed to complete the task at hand. There is no fantasy or nightmare of the task we do in that moment as we are completely present. When we fall out of this state of balance is when the ” shit hits the fan” and when we do not listen to our mind, our body will remind us with an “injury”

If you would like to explore more about your own injuries, contact me perhaps I can help you.

Wishing you an injury free sports activity. Remember you can injure yourself by staying still. So keep moving. Life is motion
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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