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Gratitude is an amazing magic wand.

There will be times when we are faced with what may feel as insurmountable hurdles. It may suddenly take form in our mind as a physical representation. Let me elaborate. It may feel that the task ahead is so hard such as massive boulders obstructing the tunnel road ahead. Yet by being grateful for the obstruction and the pain that we may be feeling, we wave the magic wand of gratitude and the boulders may shift a little. Enough so that we may see the light and a path that is forged through the obstruction or a path may appear around the boulders.

Imagine being stranded in front of an ocean and feeling helpless. The same emotions that we feel when we feel that we are abandoned and the wound is too great to bare it. There at the water front of the vastness, a silent gratitude for the seemingly overwhelming emotions and the feeling of loneliness brings forth relief in the form of a boat to carry you to safety.

Yet again imagine the uphill nature of the professional or personal work ahead of us in our lives. It may seem impossible to conquer in the time or with the resources that we have available. Not dissimilar to looking up from the foot of a steep mountain. Waving the wand of gratitude for the challenge ahead brings forth the catalyst to our journey in the form of a stairwell path in the mountain or better yet transportation in the form of aide to help us reach the top.

What I am driving at is that when we sprinkle gratitude at the challenge that we face, the universe responds in kind to serve and help us. Yet the very act of gratitude is the energetic shift that brings about the transformation. No task or loss or challenge is too great for us and the universe to alchemize with love.

Gratitude is that intention that creates the action to allow the universe to reply.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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