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I hate that

I hate that !!

A typical response to anything that we may find least pleasant is ” I hate that”, which quickly becomes ” I cant do that” or ” I dont want to ..” etc. These are all lower frequency terms that are quite disempowering. I had a similar issue with the Assault bike. As my seasoned athletic friend once remarked ” this is satans torture construction”. I have been on this bike numerous times, and each time felt I was going to have a heart attack or simply just leave this cruel world. I absolutely hated it. Why , perhaps because I saw more drawbacks or disadvantages with the possibility of failure looming in the background of my mind.

What our mind may feel as unwanted or undesirable is that which we are driven to own and reach out to emotionally experience. This brings forth the life changing wisdom to grow, and our spirit rejoices at the reclaiming of balance. That which I hate is the other extreme of my psyche asking meto see its exact opposite and show me that which I choose to see as the benefits and restore balance as love.

I have done this for many work outs or forms that I really felt in my perception was either too hard, too painful or too stressful on my mind or body and so tried to avoid them. Yet my physical symptoms of feeling horrible just thinking about the assault bike were my body showing me where I was mentally not in balance. Yet all the symptoms were really doing was demonstrating how the bike was going to benefit me for my mental health of building intensity and physical creation of stamina and endurance.

So what did I do? I wrote out 63 benefits of doing the assault bike and the whole feeling of hatred simply dissolved. I was actually surprisingly inspired to do the bike and gave it my best. Was I exhausted and tired? Yes, but not upset or whiny about it. Each pull of the handles or push of the foot pedals became a shift of awareness and “joy” as I could see the benefits of doing each stroke would bring me closer to my life goals.

I also then sat down and wrote down the exact number of possible failures of me doing the assault bike on both my mental, physical health or my life as a whole. Since I could now see the path of failures, they were no longer unknown. I was no longer afraid of that which I had perceived as not knowing.

I owned the bike, I loved it.

What I hate, I must own in order to love.

Try it, it works. Need help seek me out, I can help you discover your state of inspiration, gratitude and love.
I love you.

Author: Brown Knight

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