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Tree support

Was walking back from work the other day I noticed this tree ( see picture). It got the wheels of my mind turning. I have associated trees with strength and being grounded. SO why would something in nature that is already strong need these wooden beams of support. Then it hit me. Just because something […]
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What is transparency?

“Transparency is the divine marriage between intimacy and vulnerability” -Dr Nitin Bhatnagar. When we are vulnerable in our emotions we shed off the garment of our ego. We cast aside our pretenses and dare to show the rawness of our heart to the world. Some believe that vulnerability is a sign of
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Tomatoes with love

I love tomatoes. I love tomato sauce, I Love tomato bisque soup, I love them in everything. Yet my patient who saw me did not know that when they offered me this bag of tomatoes from their garden. They simply gave this to me with kindness and love. There is no greater gift that is […]
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