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Tomatoes with love

I love tomatoes.

I love tomato sauce, I Love tomato bisque soup, I love them in everything.

Yet my patient who saw me did not know that when they offered me this bag of tomatoes from their garden. They simply gave this to me with kindness and love.
There is no greater gift that is offered if it is not offered with love.

Expensive trinkets, flowers, and any offering are all just tokens of affection. Yet if not offered with energetic sentiment of love, their value is not appreciated. For it is not the item itself but it is the energetic field that we connect to that we acknowledge when we offer and receive.

A tomato with love is worth far more than any gift given with conditions, apathy or malice.

It is the gift that is offered without even knowing of my likes or dislikes which makes it even more special. When an offering between 2 people is made, there is an energetic field intersection that occurs. If within that field one person harbors ill will or demands something back ( conditioned) then that is the message that is transmitted to the other person’s field and enters their unconscious. Yet if the same gift is offered from the heart space with unconditional love then the energetic field communicates this higher frequency resonance to the other person.

Gift exchange is more than judging what is received and more than simply giving without understanding. Gift giving is an art. It is an appreciation of the other person in front of you. The greatest gift we can offer is that of being our authentic selves from the sacred space of our revered heart with love.

So thank you to my dear patient for their unconditional love and offering.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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