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Male and female, light and love

Wanted to share with you an idea within metaphysics, a field I have spent a lifetime studying alongside medicine and mythology and religion.

There are 2 realities, The spiritual and the material.

The spiritual reality is intangible that is imperceivable through the senses and the material reality is the tangible perceivable only through the senses. In mythology and religion these 2 realities are represented as the symbols of male and female. The male being the spiritual reality, and then female the material reality. Neither can exist without the other. It is in understanding the balance that we transcend the morality of our minds and the madness of this imbalance in society.

The female draws attention to humanity of the spiritual reality within the material reality whilst the male brings notice of the material reality within the spiritual reality.

” A spirit without matter is expressionless and a matter without spirit is motionless. ”

Once we see the balance of the two it is possible to rise above physical reality and transcend the boundaries of nature, and come ever closer to infinity. SO in this way both sides are equal and opposite yet both are interdependent, male and female ( do not mistake this for the phenotypical or genotypical characteristics of physical form of man or woman). Male becomes that which sustains the world through light and ” he ” cannot perform this role without “her.” Female becomes that energy that can create, manifest and transform the idea ( thought by male) through the essence of love and ” she ” cannot do this without ” him”.

Light and Love.
Male and Female.

One is the energy, the other is the energy in motion. And that is how a universe is born.

There are those who would say why not the other way round, spiritual..female and material… male. That is the egoic mind talking as one may think that the spiritual is higher than the material reality or that the material reality is in someway inferior to the spiritual reality. Again, they both are equal, yet imposing values of inferiority of females in a male dominated society perpetuates the Patriarchal idealists.

Yet if you go back to ancient texts and read them, male and female have little to do with politics and more with physiology of our nature. Man creates life from organs OUTSIDE the body, and woman creates life from organs INSIDE the body. He triggers, she creates. Spiritual reality triggers the understanding of life, the material reality embodies or creates this understanding within. Hence male and female energetics are symbolized by man and woman.

Both are equal.

There is a hidden order to the universe. It may be time for some of us to waken and see.

It is beautifully majestic.

( I will explain the physics behind light and love and the above…… soon)
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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