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Tree support

Was walking back from work the other day I noticed this tree ( see picture). It got the wheels of my mind turning. I have associated trees with strength and being grounded. SO why would something in nature that is already strong need these wooden beams of support. Then it hit me.

Just because something is strong on the outside does not mean it is strong on the inside, nor is it necessarily healthy on the inside. This is quite similar to athletes. The epitome of health is socially depicted with the icon of athletes. Super fit, super strong, great body etc. Yet this is not always the case. There are plenty of people who look good outside yet struggle with diabetes, cholesterol problems, vascular inflammation, kidney issues, high blood pressure and the list goes on.

Yet the BALANCE of nutrition, physical activity, and functional fitness coupled with healthier regimes of sleep management, meditation, stretching, altered mindsets are all parts of the concept of well being. There are plenty of accounts of the ill-health of super models and long term deleterious effects on fooling around with diets ( been there done that). Worse yet the pursuit to attain to what others may look like is both harmful and can be financially, mentally and physically costly.

It is hard to forget we are complete organisms and for us to grow, live, and be abundant and flourish we need both inside and outside health and sometimes the outside health comes in the form of support spiritually, mentally or physically. It is never a bad time to ask for help. It is only a bad time to not to do so. WE are an interconnected species that work well with giving and receiving help.

We could always do with some outside help to make us stronger, healthier, and more supported. Just like this tree. Never be too proud to receive help nor too humble to give it.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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