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What is transparency?

“Transparency is the divine marriage between intimacy and vulnerability” -Dr Nitin Bhatnagar.

When we are vulnerable in our emotions we shed off the garment of our ego. We cast aside our pretenses and dare to show the rawness of our heart to the world. Some believe that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. This would be an incorrect judgment. It takes great fortitude to reveal this side of us when all parts of our genetics scream to keep us strong and embolden. Our very evolution demands us to survive and not be vulnerable.

SO why be vulnerable ? When a shrimp in the ocean roams around all brave in the oceans there comes a time when it is forced to undergo a process of molting. It sheds off its outer hard layer and reveal to the rest of the water world its soft jelly body that can be pray to any creature looking for a meal. Yet it must do so, so that after it faces its most vulnerable moment, it then grows to have a powerful shell and so may survive the odds yet again in life. It survives knowing and believing that it can and will evolve. It is natural to have to go within to have the courage to go without.

Intimacy is the connection that we have with our outside world. It is how we connect to a partner, our family, our child. Do not think of this as just a sexual intimacy. That is just one form. There is spiritual intimacy, mental intimacy, social intimacy, financial intimacy and many others. Think of it as a connection outward with closeness.

When we marry the vulnerability and the intimacy, we are acknowledging the truest form of ourselves and connecting it with someone else from this heart space. This is transparency. The clearer we are, and the more authentic we become, the more personal. It transforms any relationship and I would say that it strengthens that bond. NO egos , no judgments, no hidden agendas.

In this world of social media and constant selfies where every step must be documented and advertised, it is mostly done with ego and hidden agendas. It tells the world “look at me I am so awesome as I have so much to hide, and I am too scared to reveal myself to the world, so please ‘like’ me and I need you. ” This too is a distorted cry out from a space of vulnerability yet with no transparency, it is a doomed marriage.

Transparency is the state of unconditional love and gratitude.

Exercise: Look into the pond of your life and see the reflection. Is it a transparent clear likeness of you, or a distorted murkiness of your shadow self.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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