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The right ingredients

Reality is made up of certain ingredients. These we keep locked up in the cupboards of our minds, shelved and arranged at different levels of our consciousness. It is the right ingredients that are stirred in the pot of our life that create this reality.

What is we put in the wrong ingredients into our pot? What if these are all based on lies and fears? What if these are the unhealthy ingredients that are created from old wounds and hurts that have been transformed and now when put together spew the. Cauldron of anger, frustration, hate and judgments?

These same ingredients poison our THOUGHTS. These contaminated thoughts become harsh WORDS. These polluted words become hateful ACTIONS. Then the reality that is “cooked” up is a fabrication of the ingredients we have put in. So who is to blame ? The world or the cook ( us) ?

If we start with “bullshit” ingredients bought in the market place of deceit and fear then do not expect to create a masterpiece reality.

For some of us it may be time to clean up that pantry of old out dated programming and buy some fresh new ideas of ingredients to use in our cooking of our reality. It began with me doing just that few years ago. I still find some old unhealthy ingredients in the far reaches of my mind that I reach out, and have to check the expiration date. Old? Untrue? Unhealthy? Misperceptions? Out they go !!

Enjoy cooking the best part of your reality on the stove top of your heart.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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