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Halloween Halloween cometh. All Hallows Eve. A great festival of pomp and celebration enjoyed by many in different cultures over a three day period of October 31 through Nov 2 known as Allhallowstide. Dating back to antiquity the dead are remembered as they struggle to make their way to the heavenly realms. The
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Why are we eating junk food?

Have you ever wondered why junk food is so less expensive than healthier organic wholesome nutritious foods? Rather why is nutritious wholesome food that is readily available grown from the earth we stand on and abundant so expensive. At airports I can buy french fries for a $1 yet some fruit for $6. It just […]
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Trust believe act

An interesting observation with profound mind blowing insights So my 4year old is standing on the kitchen center island and I right next to it. Suddenly she looks and me and jumps into my arms. No warning no communication. I of course catch her. I was surprised but she had no fear. She had confidence. […]
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