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An interesting observation with profound mind blowing insights

So my 4year old is standing on the kitchen center island and I right next to it. Suddenly she looks and me and jumps into my arms. No warning no communication. I of course catch her. I was surprised but she had no fear. She had confidence. She had poise. She had faith in herself AND that daddy would catch her.

Now how could I have screwed that up. I could have been telling her for the last few months about all the dangers of jumping off the center island, or all the “what ifs” I was not there, or the reasons why she “should not ” do it, and show her videos of how other children have broken legs and arms etc. All this would have served is to replace her own self faith and self belief in the universe, with fear, erroneous mindsets.

I am reminded of all my own fears and lower mindsets that have been “keeping me safe” and not growing. These same mindsets that once did not allow me to move ahead. To doubt my own self, to squash my trust and faith in others and the universe. This is not the same as replacing self awareness and “watching out for those who can do harm”. In fact by being in balance of my Self, having faith in the universe, fostering trust in life, growing belief in self, assists better to sense the energies of others and situations that can help or harm before they may act or manifest.

News, media, hearsay and naysayers, generate a lot of negative thinking and fear mindsets. They are good at telling us who is the cause of our suffering and who to blame for it, and hence feed disempowering mindsets into our minds so we prevent ourselves from ever developing the trust, the faith, and belief in ourselves and the universe.

Sometimes we just have to TRUST ourselves, BELIEVE in the UNIVERSE, and ACT. And watch as we fly, Knowing that the universe will catch us. If this is done from a state of imbalance we can fail and then blame and the ” see life sucks and everyone is bad” attitude is adopted, Sort of like a self fulfilling prophecy !! If we are balance we can see the challenges as opportunities and not react when the “train is derailed” and see it as the train is ” changing tracks.”

Lets say she did fall and hurt herself. This goes on to strengthen her resolve with better decisions before acting, better calculations of distance, energy and timing. But it wont squash her confidence, her trust in who she is, or her faith that she can and will and that the universe will be there for her.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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