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I have heard that the way to success is to have one should dream big.

I think that is great advice. Yet.

So does that mean if I dream small I will play small ?

A dream is neither big nor small. It is what you do with it that matters.

A small dream to heal….. turns into a huge hospital center with vast resources healing enormous number of people daily, or perhaps learning the healing arts that have a global impact.

A small dream to help… turns into a huge organization of aid around the world, or a foundation with a lasting legacy of education in music and the arts or sciences.

A small dream to teach.. turns into a huge opportunity to create a learning institute.

A small dream to love… turns into a powerful opportunity to love your children or create a sanctuary for animals.

A small or big dream is just a dream.

A dream is simply a dream … an expression of the heart.

Once the drop of the dream comes into contact with the reality, it can transform it.

The dream needs to see the light of day.

Like a few grains of salt can completely transform a meal or a few drops of milk can totally change the swirling black coffee, the drops of the dream can manifest reality.

A dream needs a medium to be created. That medium is us. When we ACT on our dreams things happen. Otherwise they stay in the nebulous of our heart waiting lifetimes like a genie in the bottle.

So regardless of whether you judge your dream as big or small, or even if others judge them for you, it does not matter.

All that matters is you show up, step up, and do your due diligence on working on your dream.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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