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Crossfit open

Alright I did it.

I signed up for the crossfit Open Competition 2019. Why?

Was it to become the top athlete in the world ? NO

Was it to become the top athlete in the state? NO

Was it to become the top athlete in the gym? NO

Was it to discover my own potential? YES

I am choosing this opportunity to see what I was not good at last year and how far I have come this year.

I am choosing this opportunity to see what I am not good at this year and how far I will go next year.

I had a hard time hitting that button “Submit” on the application process. It was not the money or the time commitment for training. It was getting over the fear of am I good enough for this years competition? Am I strong enough to handle the workload or will I buckle under the weight? Will I be able to maintain the intensity of the surprise work out? In the end I wrote out all the benefits of this endeavor in comparison to all my perceived drawbacks. I saw only balance by the end of it.

Yet to be in the midst of amazing humans who will give every drop of their sweat and every ounce of their muscle and effort to push through the seemingly impossible weights or the ever shrinking time cap is a humbling experience.

Yet I would challenge you to see every situation that you face no matter how small or big, how seemingly insignificant or vastly important as an opportunity to discover your own unbridled potential. This is my way of seeing how my training as a crossfit L1 certification coach will benefit me. This is my validation of the experiments I have undertaken with nutritional changes and exercise regimes and workouts. It my chance to gauge how they have aided me from a physical perspective in self empowerment.

I have zero interest in beating anyone else in the competition. I choose to task myself with the challenge of beating who I was last year. And next year beating who I am today, and so on in an ever escalating ladder of self improvement.

Life is about both challenge and support. At the edge of the two lies growth. So again my big WHY is simple…. self growth.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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