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Deep water reflections

Deep water reflections.  I was traveling recently and at a beautiful hotel while having lunch I noted something from the corner of my eye. There was a moderate sized ornate decor made of concrete as a part of a fountain pool. There was a hidden  light attached to the back portion of this decor hidden […]
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FEAR !!     ” You better not jump too high, you might fall” ” Do not stay out too late, something bad can happen to you” ” You have to get a good job, or you cannot pay your bills” ” Do not get your boss cross, you might get into trouble” These are […]
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Defining Yourself

Defining yourself.   This is Susan she is the daughter in law of the famous Mr JohnSmith. This is Peter, he is a doctor. This is Mary she is the neighbor of that senator. This is George, husband of …..   Too often we are introduced as a family member of another, or the profession we […]
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Jet lagged…yawn!!

  The distant journey to the airport, the waiting in long ticket lines, the prolonged  tardiness at security check in, then the eventual flight that usually delayed. The seemingly endless 15 hour flight, and trip home, leads you exhausted, tired, and out of sorts. Jet lagged, grumpy, hungry, feeling like a
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But but but….

  All to often we spend our days making excuses for ourselves. We interject this 3 letter word into every sentence that changes the meaning of not only what we are trying to convey through speech and action but we end up changing our intentions. The word that turns us away from a lion’s courage […]
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Snow snow everywhere

  Looking outside the window after 2 consecutive storms there is just white. Miles and miles of white. Blinding, brilliant and ever present. Nothing is exempt from it. You get the understanding  of the term weight. It is light in that it is  fluffy, airy. It is heavy as it sits amassing the world.  Too […]
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