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All to often we spend our days making excuses for ourselves. We interject this 3 letter word into every sentence that changes the meaning of not only what we are trying to convey through speech and action but we end up changing our intentions. The word that turns us away from a lion’s courage to a mouse’s fright, is “BUT”


I really want to paint and be an artist as this gives me joy and freedom, BUT who will buy my work.
I wish to quit this meaningless job BUT who will pay my bills.
I desire to travel the world and help others, BUT who will help me with putting food on my plate.
I would like to be free to learn and explore, BUT that will not sustain the needs of my family.
I want to go and meet my friend BUT I do not have the time and I have too many pending chores
Have you noticed that in all the above statements of intention seem to stem from your soul. Your place of being, your purpose for your life are all clearly voiced by your heart and soul BUT then by adding one little word, your intention comes crashing down with fear, doubt and insecurities. This latter part of the statement then  launches you in the exact opposite direction from your pure intention, your purpose, and down a road which leads to your feelings of lack of fulfillment, your lack of joy, your lack of living as a being. What is this  word and where does it come from?
My opinion is that it roots back to your subconscious fear, that is ever present and moreover always trying to survive by controlling you. We then get so hard wired that we then do the same to our children. ” You can have fun and play BUT do not jump too high as you may fall and break a leg.” What we have just done is give permission to a little child who is already looking to us for guidance, the chance to be free and play but then immediately we set up a limit on their chance of growth, with fears that are not of their own creation.
We do the same in passing conversations with friends and family.
” I want to start a business where I make cute custom greeting cards….what do you think?”- you ask of your friend with great intention, and creativity in your voice.
” Oh I think that is a fine idea, BUT no one is going to buy your cards, they are cheaper at Hallmark, and if your business fails you will not pay your bills, and you will foreclose your house !!”
And so your plans to explore your creativity  are thwarted to make room for your continued mundane existence from which you tried escaping with your idea spark. Not by your fears, but that of others that spoke to your fear, and collectively all these fears pulled you down.
Unfortunately being human nature for what it is, we speak to each other from a  fearful stance. If I am too fearful to try something, it surely must not be good for anyone else….. and so we seek to extinguish the flames of ourselves and others around us with negative ideas that are not even based in fact or truth but in fiction.   We use the tool of excuses for ourselves so many times in the day its a wonder we get anything done. Have you tried paying attention for half hour or an hour or even a day to the amount of times you either verbalize a ” BUT ” or think it in a conversation with others. Try keeping tabs and by being in the moment you will note the number of times you are changing your intention to the opposite.
Too often we give in and  falter to the default settings in our minds of lack of resources, lack of health, lack of finances, lack of time….never realizing that self sabotage in the form of excuses is our own doing. Only through being present can we catch ourselves from this habit  forming demon. Human nature has the ability to change and adapt. In this way we can alleviate ourselves from these self defeating excuses and evolve and act from a posture of pure intention. This is a magnificent time to be alive, to be creative, to be heard. It is a time to come together collectively to broaden humanity’s horizons, and elevate the human consciousness. Now is not the time for the word BUT to soften your resolve or diminish your dream.
You want to create, to dream, to laugh, to be at peace, to be free, then just do it  BUT just be happy 🙂


Author: Brown Knight


  1. Thanks for your words of wisdom! I am going to go meditate, even though I am too busy. 😉

  2. Thanks for the words of wisdom. A certain someone has been waiting for a blog about walking on a tightrope.

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