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Snow snow everywhere


Looking outside the window after 2 consecutive storms there is just white. Miles and miles of white. Blinding, brilliant and ever present. Nothing is exempt from it. You get the understanding  of the term weight. It is light in that it is  fluffy, airy. It is heavy as it sits amassing the world.  Too thick to move. Resigned, defiant it glares back at you. The wind catches the roof tops and blows the snow from roof top to roof top as it swirls, your imagination can see faces form in these swirls of translucent particles of icy wind, like ghosts skipping on up high.
The snow seasons representation can be interpreted in many ways.  You can say that life is like the day after the snow storm. Heavy, bogged down like with the pressure of life’s stresses, just there to get cleaned and mess up your plans only so you can clean it up again another day, or you can view it as a challenge of exercise in the fresh air. You can see it as an opportunity to downhill ski, cross country ski, or snow shoe. Make snow creatures, have snow ball fights, or go sledging. You can either let the snow get you down, or you can get on top of it. Yet the snow remains just as it is. Your adjectives that are summoned by your mind will change your mood and so your out look on your own life. Do you want it boggy, heavy, full of anger and frustration? Or do you choose to look at the positive and lighter and fluffier side of the same life?
Just remember like everything in life, this present moment too shall change, nothing lasts forever. Not your physical or emotional pain, not your mental misery, not even your desire for negativity. Come up with new adjectives that are positive descriptions of what you wish to see in your life. The mind is fickle and will convince you of what you see depending on what you think you feel. You will believe that what you see is the truth. Who is leading whom? Who is the controller, you or the mind? Better yet, throw away all adjectives and just be. That way your mind cannot fool or trick you into being led onto any path, and you will then lead yourself and your mind onto the path of truth.
One might say I cannot ski it is too hard and too dangerous. Your mind will play tricks on you and convince you that it will be the death of you. Yet a free mind, for example that of a child that no knows no fear will prove you wrong as this 4 year old will whizz right past you effortlessly with no poles on a downhill slope. Your mind will then further trick you into thinking, if a child can do it, so can I, and hurtle you down the slope and end your pride abruptly. Skiing like everything else in life takes patient practice, and skill to develop, and of course a leap of faith. The stable mind, sees that skiing is an art, and will guide you to learn appropriately, and once trained go solo. The unstable mind will take you from one extreme to another.
Snow is snow. Heavy, light, white, bright, thick, or thin.It is what it is. Life is life. Heavy, light, dull, big, small, happy, sad. It is what it is. Just do not be a snowy ghost, jumping from rooftop to roof top in the wind, with no substance, no real existence, no real conviction.


Author: Brown Knight

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