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Getting the bad report card

Getting the bad report card. A,B,C,D,E,F….Pass, or Fail, grades on a report card.  We strive towards the Pass or the A grade, and when achieved we are happy. When a lower grade or Fail grade  occurs then this disrupts our demeanor and we get upset. We continue on this roller coaster of trying to fulfill […]
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Peaceful cooperation

Peaceful cooperation All over the world we have wars, domination, and fighting. No happiness, no peace, just misery. Everyones ego, and the almighty ” I ” continues to reign havoc and chaos. However,  was there a time when this was not the case? Unfortunately mankind has allowed himself to be
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Course correction

Course Correction Sailing away on the blue ocean is fun. Winds in the sails, the sun is out, the boat zig zagging away in the water, as smoothly as a knife cutting butter. The captain controlling the steering wheel and intermittently turning it a few degrees as to keep the boat on a particular zig […]
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Counting down

Counting down How long before lunch time? How much longer till the end of the day? when can I get back to my bed again? So often we spend our days consciously or subconsciously counting down. I hear this many a day from office staff, even if it is an hour into the work day” […]
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Walking the tight rope

Walking the tight rope Do you remember the circus weekend trips? Have you witnessed the high tension wire performers? They have to be absolutely focussed on what they do. Holding the bar completely steady just as steady as their mind to keep themselves in balance. Slightly correcting their footing from moment to
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What’s the difference ?

What’s the difference? Differences are how we judge each other. It is how we gauge each other’s value. It is how we either measure ourselves or enable us to become prejudice against our fellow man, or realize the difference gap and bridge it and  help our fellow man. I was visiting a historic ancient
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