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Deep water reflections

Deep water reflections. 

I was traveling recently and at a beautiful hotel while having lunch I noted something from the corner of my eye. There was a moderate sized ornate decor made of concrete as a part of a fountain pool. There was a hidden  light attached to the back portion of this decor hidden from my sight yet the reflection unto itself in the water gave the illusion of a much deeper water level and that the motif decor was actually in the water at the base of the pool ( since I could not see it reflecting on top from my vantage point).  This got me thinking…..
The water was so still and the motif was so perfect in appearance that I had to  do a double take and go and examine this more carefully at the pool’s edge. The first thought was that this is the similar situation with ourselves. When our mind is calm, serene and pure, we reflect only that. It is immediately noticed in our thoughts, speech, and action. When the water is constantly agitated then you can barely tell that there is a reflection through the ripples and  the distortions. In fact the reflection may look very ugly in appearance through distortions of the water. The reflection is who we have become, the water is our mind acting as the reflector, and the object being reflected is our true self that is hidden from plain sight  till we choose to project it.
Secondly, the world only sees our reflection, what we wish it to see is our choice but if the water, the mind is not still, then no matter how good we,the object, truly is, can never really be viewed through this medium. When the reflection is crystal clear, the world seeks to look at it with interest. When the reflection is distorted, the world does not even know a reflection exists.
Thirdly, through this illusion the depth is always not fathomable. Ergo, when the mind is calm and the water is still, we see that the reflection may be deeper than imagined. There is more depth to the character and personality  of the individual than initially suspected at first glance and requires further evaluation. The person is perhaps more knowledgeable, more fun loving, more of a pleasure to be with. We start reflecting our truer self.
Fourthly, the reflection is still just a projection, a mirage, an illusion if you will. This body is an illusion. The mind the medium. The soul the trueness of who we are. The water (the mind)  may evaporate away, hence the reflection ( the body) disillusioned but the object ( the soul ) remains.
Meditation helps to steady the waters to provide a better reflection. Bringing forth a kinder, gentler, purer self. The nature of the medium is important too. If the mind is full of anger, hate and negativity it cannot reflect anything, just like if you were looking into a pool of black oil, it reflects nothing. If you have an agitated mind then the numerous ripples of water reflects a distorted illusion. If you are at peace with yourself, then with a controlled mind, you reflect the same deeper persona.
You can either choose to reflect the negative person you “think’ you are via your mind and then be but a glimpse of a shadow of a ghost. Or you can choose to reveal yourself to an ever watching world, your true quality of  happiness and joy.
What do you wish to reflect today?


Author: Brown Knight

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