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Jet lagged…yawn!!


The distant journey to the airport, the waiting in long ticket lines, the prolonged  tardiness at security check in, then the eventual flight that usually delayed. The seemingly endless 15 hour flight, and trip home, leads you exhausted, tired, and out of sorts. Jet lagged, grumpy, hungry, feeling like a dish rag, you try to get all parts of you back in sync. Your daily ablution needs are all out of whack. Your body is telling you to sleep and rest, but you plow through the emotions and nerve firings to drudgingly pretend to hold a conversation. Your mind is fiercely trying to come to grips with the time change and trying coordinate all your thoughts of things to do and see.Your soul is screaming, LISTEN to me I can help. But mind and body ignore the soul and you continue to remain jet lagged.


So often we face this same issue in our daily lives. Running from place to place, invariably not on time since we have so many things to do, fulfill responsibilities, and reach overbooked appointments  that we have no hope of completing properly. Our minds trying to plan and process the past, present and future moments all at once. Our bodies trying to catch up, and not getting enough rest, or exercise and poor nutritional choices that were never designed for the on the go person, eventually leads to a burn out of our spiritual engines, and we falter. Our soul screaming, LISTEN to me I can help. We are literally living jet lagged on a constant basis. 
Why do we do this to ourselves? When we slow down and be in the moment, we are actually more productive and more in sync. Mind body and soul all caught up we are more of a person than we have ever been. Giving all of ourselves to whatever we choose to think, say, and do. We can give ourselves more to each other just by realizing this idea. Easier said than done? Not true, easier done than said. A little tuning of our conscious moment, reveals the best moments ever. Creativity, happiness and wholesomeness is all reachable, if we just alter our travel plans a little and focus on the key points of departure and arrival of the moment, we will have landed fully synced.
People say that sometimes you travel the world to find yourself, but sometimes  looking within, you are right there, found, awake , refreshed and ready for your workings at your destination, the here and now.
“Final call for all synced jet set passengers… Are you ready to board?”


Author: Brown Knight

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