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Idle conversations

Idle conversations Whine, Whine, Whine. This particular habit is an infectious one. In any conversation with anyone, you will slowly find that the gist of the matters spoken slowly digress and flow towards unnecessary speculation and eventual gossip. It is human nature. It stems from primitive times and extends to
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Rock hopping

Rock hopping I had been on vacation last year, and the most important aspect of that trip I vividly remember was the rock hopping. Beautiful sandy beaches extended out into the blue ocean.The beach rocks in all their shapes and sizes lay out there for at least a mile as they eventually formed the sea […]
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Trigger happy reactions

Trigger Happy Reactions Do you remember the old cowboy western movies? Those fast gun slingers and the great John Wayne portraying the wildness of the wild wild west. The cowboy corral showdowns, with Billy the Kid being the fastest in the west. It was a marvel seeing the gun come out of the holster and […]
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Unclogging your drain

Unclogging your drain.     The bathroom sink drain slows down the flow. Hair, muck, waste, clog it up. Yet another source of frustration in a time crunched and chore filled day. You try filling the sink with hot water and then releasing the lever and hopefully that might work. You try snaking the drain […]
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Wearing your life vest

Wearing your life vest On the plane there are so many safety instructions to watch out for before you take off. The airline staff go through an elaborate demonstration for seat belts, no smoking, emergency evacuation procedures, wearing your oxygen mask and of course how to put on your life vest. If you look
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