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Going online, going offline, going inline


Connected to the world behind the lcd screen. Connected to each other through texts, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Shopping has never been easier. Food, clothes, furniture, car, houses, and material goods all available online. The only thing that prevents you from being totally barraged and overwhelmed is a limit on your credit card and more over a reliable search engine with correct definition of what you are looking for.  The other day I wanted to find a unique mug. Try typing “unique mug” in the search box of your browser, and sit back and be prepared to be blown away by the choices displayed in front of you. Then spend the next few hours if not days searching through pages and pages of what the search engine thinks you want, to find what you actually want. How much time do you think is acceptable spending time on line? How much time is acceptable to spend communicating with someone online? How much time and effort is acceptable to spend interfaced with a machine?
Disconnecting from the world and from each other through technology from time to time, is not always a bad thing. It affords us the time to look away from  the computer screen and stretch our eyes, our minds, our hearts in all directions. Take a walk down a forest path or sit in the grass looking at the sky, watching the birds fly or a leaf move in the wind, or goto the local park and feed the birds.  Reconnecting to the world, reconnecting to the nature, reconnecting to the universe. Meet a friend at a coffee shop and catch up. Visit the elderly at a nursing home and spend a few hours connecting with them affording them the opportunity to relive their better past days. Play with a child without direction allowing them to invent themselves repeatedly exploring the present. Goto a local farm and buy your fruits and vegetables, free from commercial bombardment, you will connect to the local farmers and community.
With the infinite opportunities to shop online, and time spent clicking at choices, it got me thinking what if I spent all that time  investigating the infinite opportunities within. Quiet reflection, meditation, and calming the mind would help me to go through so many more possibilities of myself so much faster. Imagine each of us being the entire internet. Endless potential, endless chances to connect, endless avenues to create. All you need is the right search key word, then hit enter, and you are off to the races. Here are some key words to type in to your personal search engine, when you log in to yourself. Being happy, Love, Connection, Creativity, Peace, just to start you up. If each of us tap into our own internet and bring forth our potential, and collectively harness this power what a world it can be. I see that already we do come together and good human consciousness can build spaceships, space stations, underwater submersibles, musical concerts, art galleries, progress mankind’s knowledge of medicine, engineering, science, astronomy, spirituality and of course the internet and the technology behind. So the potential is there, that much we have proven to ourselves.
Do we dare to go offline, and connect inline, within, and raise our consciousness to an even higher level? Is there even a limit to our potential? I  think not……


Author: Brown Knight

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