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never judge

There are times when we view the birds and nature and find them to be in perfect bliss. We believe that they are the personification of peace and tranquility. Yet I do not speak Avian ( bird language). I do not know what they are really saying. I have no idea if they are singing […]
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I have been asked many a time about the concepts of love that I speak of frequently. What is love? Is there such a thing? How can we prove it? What is the science behind it? Well spirituality and love are essentially the physics of the universe that we still have not understood… as yet. […]
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allowing life

There are times when we are angry, upset, frustrated With things or people that are in our lives. A Frustrating job An angry relative An upsetting situation Yet know this that None of these are there in our lives that don’t serve us in some way We are allowing those people or events or circumstances […]
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