The view through the camera.

There are times when it feels that life has not presented to me what I had believed I wanted out of it. After all, why did my thoughts not manifest the reality of my choice, like all the self help books foretell? I have agonized over this question till I understood the use of the camera. Allow me to share an idea with you.

Looking at a beautiful landscape and desiring it to be mine is akin to viewing the landscape and capturing a snap shot of it with a camera and taking it home. The landscape is the dream, the camera the mind. It requires careful observation through a view finder, and then focusing with a lens. Adjusting the aperture, the sensitivity, the shutter speed and with a steady hand taking the shot of what I want to capture. Same is with the concept of manifestation of reality.

First to be able to view the landscape requires letting go of the judgement, the prejudices and the delusions that surround the idea in order to dream unencumbered. These are blinders to the eyes of the soul represented by the lens cap that needs removing before any image can be taken. The power of the thought then is the idea of what that dream represents. The view finder is the vision of that dream image as it still is not tangible, till I start focusing with the use of my lens. By adding the knowledge of balance and love, I modify the settings and focus of my image that is held in the heart. I must be either patient to capture the image or quick enough and this means that I must play with the shutter speed of my mind. With the correct words of intention I get ready for the shot.

With the pressing of the button I engage the power of action. The steady hand is faith is the trust in myself and the universe that my dreams will come to pass and I will get to capture the idea. Reality then manifests when I print out my picture. Framing the picture is the success I would feel having obtaining the sought after dream.

In this way the power of thought, word, action, and focus of vision are able to create some of the most stunning photography of my life. Try it, you may be surprised that your life already has manifested your dreams in various avenues. Just because it does not match up to a fantasy does not mean that the universe did not grant your idea, request or dream.

Empower yourself, you already have a camera, and it works just fine.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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