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There are times when we view the birds and nature and find them to be in perfect bliss. We believe that they are the personification of peace and tranquility. Yet I do not speak Avian ( bird language). I do not know what they are really saying. I have no idea if they are singing the melodies that I have been so accustomed to hearing and loving or are they screaming their heads off at each other. Maybe each bird is having a fight with their siblings or an argument with their spouse or disciplining their young insubordinate hatchling. Face it we don’t know what the birds are saying.

Similarly the birds could be looking at us talking at another human and thinking ” oh how serene these highly evolved mammals must be discussing life and the universe” when in actuality we are conversing to someone about their lack of respect, or parking their car too close to ours, or the fact that they did not do something they were supposed to !! Face it the birds just don’t know what we are saying.

Similarly from a distance everyone’s life looks rosy and perfect. Because they are not me. “Poor me that my life is not as good as theirs as I have so many problems and they have none. ” Yet when we take a step closer and examine their lives carefully, in terms of their health, their relationships, their life problems and so on, we may very well step back and say things very differently. We just don’t know what is going on in some one else’s life. And due to a misperception of our own life and life goals and seeing only the perceived negative of our own life, we balance it out with the perceived positive of someone else’s life. But the equation doesn’t work like that. It is our own life that we look at and understand it, and not someone else’s.

If I were to have everyone in a group write out their problems on a paper and place them into a big giant pile of problems, the odds are high that one would simply take back their own problems versus try to tackle someone else’s disease, or financial situation, relationship issue etc .

There is an old adage ” You don’t know what someone else is going through unless you walk in their shoes “. Yes?

I tell you that you cannot know what some else is going through till you wear their feet.

Try not to judge and see the world through narrow spectacles of the mind but broaden it out with the telescope of your heart.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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