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Ramping up and ramping down

Ramping up and Ramping down.

We live our lives with a certain rhythm. Running from time interval to time interval. Following the beats of our hearts and minds surrounded by the burdens of the day and night we journey through with a certain passion for the tune. We appear at times to follow the score sheet of instrumental music, but in fact the music of life  flows within us, around us, and through us with great orchestral patterns. Bursts of uncertainty in life are the striking chords that keeps the music piece fresh and vibrant.
Sometimes we have too many things to do and are caught up with the hubbub of our egos and minds clashing like cymbals in a band. Too loud that our-Self cannot be heard above the din. We ramp up the music and then ramp it down as the tempo of our lives change with events. If you imagine that our-Self is the musician, the instrument we play the medium through which we express ourselves, then we can either choose to follow the music score sheet, or let the music flow. Listen to the sound of the musical notes as they emanate, and letting them just settle where  they will, without judgement. Let the music of life flow and see how it makes you feel.
 Instead of the highs and lows of the song, the ramping up and down of the notes in life, allow a more even measurement of the tune in your life to take over. Letting go of the control of your emotions is the first idea. Acceptance of the music of your heart in whatever shape or form is the second. Thirdly,  observation of the serenade of the echo of your life music. Fourthly, the awareness of the flow of the music as it varies from pulse to pulse. All these together can harness the power of the moment. In the end that is all we have. The musician knows how the whole music piece should go, but just being in the moment of the piece, drives the passion to make it either a brilliant well performed song or a disjointed cacophony of notes.  Similarly we can be in the moment and live it to the fullest and so enjoy the flow that will bring great joy.
Clothed in kindness, happiness, joy, gentleness, patience and humbleness we can strive to make this piece of music of our lives the best piece ever written. You never know when a stranger is sitting in the hotel lobby listening to a brilliant yet humble pianist playing his heart and soul out with great gusto and vigor. Who is listening to him as he plays? Maybe no one, yet he plays as he is the only one who is really the most important as he is playing his song. Maybe everyone is listening and his music touches everyone in the lobby as they go by, taking a fragment of joy that he plays into their soul. His music reaches everywhere, as his passion and energy reshape the vibrations in  the air to a positive ambience. He offers his love of his music freely, as he is in rhythm with his life and purpose. And sometimes surprisingly the playing of his music will draw an appreciative audience. Be not afraid of the chords, but be afraid of not playing the music of your soul. 
Your silence, your loss. So lets throw away the sheet music and have a musical party!!


Author: Brown Knight

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