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Course correction

Course Correction

Sailing away on the blue ocean is fun. Winds in the sails, the sun is out, the boat zig zagging away in the water, as smoothly as a knife cutting butter. The captain controlling the steering wheel and intermittently turning it a few degrees as to keep the boat on a particular zig or zag ( the nautical term is tacking). Feeling the ocean waves , the boat’s sway, the tide, and the sails positioning, the Captain is in harmony with the boat as he or she is in full control of the experience.
Being in harmony with your surroundings is not just necessary but a necessity for overall well being. Slight course corrections like the Captain manning the wheel can be made to continue to have this amazing experience of life on this blue green planet. These corrections take the forms of adjustments in attitude, perspectives, and tolerance. Just the willingness to turn the wheel a little, can make a big difference as you tack your way through life’s big ocean. You still have to be mindful of the world around you, just like the sailor compensating for changes in nature’s wind, the unpredictable tide and other nautical vehicles.  The Captain of the boat is in awe for the greatness of the ocean. You too have to respect your surroundings with awe and peace.
The journey is diverse  with infinite possibilities of directional travel. The boat can take on any vector, at the discretion of the Captain. So too at the discretion of the Self, you direct your consciousness ( the boat) across life’s ocean. Your crew has to be capable to handle the boat. This includes your faculties of mind, your ego, and your will. The more efficient your crew, and in control of their abilities, the less the Captain has to navigate to compensate for course correction. The more disorganized and chaotic your crew, the harder the Captain ,i.e  the Self has to work to get the boat back on track. A well trained and disciplined crew is as important to the well being of the boat as  the Self’s awareness of the surrounding nature. Working together, crew and captain, mind and spirit, allow the cruise on the high seas can be an enjoyable one.
The amount of course correction is different for everyone, and different depending on the circumstances. High seas and storms are all part of life’s nature force. It is how we choose to sail through these storms with the least amount of course correction required, that dictates how steady our journey ends up. Practicing in calmer waters is always helpful and the more we practice the better our nautical skill, so that even in the toughest of sailing conditions we are able to navigate with ease. So in this regard the more meditation and practicing of good, ethical behaviors of gentleness, kindness, gratitude and mercy results in fruitful passage.
May the sun be behind you to guide you, May the winds be in your sails, May your heart, mind, spirit be one, Bon voyage !!


Author: Brown Knight

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