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Peaceful cooperation

Peaceful cooperation

All over the world we have wars, domination, and fighting. No happiness, no peace, just misery. Everyones ego, and the almighty ” I ” continues to reign havoc and chaos. However,  was there a time when this was not the case? Unfortunately mankind has allowed himself to be destroyed, when fighting against your fellow man becomes the prime focus. Generating anger, frustration, hatred, inequality all lead down the path to war. Whether within a family, a tribe, a nation, between countries, it never ends in a good way.
An interesting and inspiring story was told to me by a friend. A person was escorted in to a hall where there was an abundance of food and wine, yet all the people in the room were angry and quarreling. As it happened, everyones arms were straight and everyone was upset that they could not eat the food, as they could not bend their arms. Now moving into the next room the same situation was still present, yet everyone was happy. What happened was that each person was feeding the next person, and so everyones appetite was satiated. When we work cooperatively we can accomplish wonders and feed each other.
Working cooperatively is the answer to eradicating most of our ills that trouble us. If we are not perpetually fighting each other, then we are helping, and in doing so generating better and more positive  foundations to a better world. There are many organizations that say they help others, but seldom does the “help” reach those in need. Being more proactive in the facilitation of cooperation, goes a long way, and interestingly creates links that extend through out humanity. The next time you are out and about, just pause to look at the person to your left, and the person to your right. What can you surmise without any judgement. If you are in the mode of cooperation then choose to be open to helping, and your services will not only be sought but appreciated. Helping your fellow man is your greatest act of  service.
Community cooperation to help to create a much needed irrigation system or coming together to help create a school for the local children. Or clearing up after a storm ravaged city, or helping watch out for one another’s elderly or young in times of need. Helping during important festivities. These are but a few examples of the cooperation that we can entertain that makes a difference. When you are working together at the same task or towards the same project, we ironically forget a lot of the differences of race, creed, gender, color, social strata, and just get down to business of helping.
The next generation needs to be able to cooperatively utilize the world’s depleting resources and help continue the age of humanity. Cooperation can not be bought, it is taught, especially when you are young enough to learn it without fear. We cannot let our egos and misguided arrogance taint the next generation with fears of lack, greed, selfishness, and pride. Getting ahead in life is one thing, getting along  in life is entirely another. Cooperation breeds acceptance. Acceptance brings love. Love brings peace and happiness.
Do not break your link of cooperation, you never know, you might one day depend on it too !!
How strong is your link ?


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