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Planning your spontaneity

Planning your Spontaneity

Swooping down and giving the one you love a peck on the cheek. Helping a perfect stranger carry a heavy bag. Taking a detour via a more scenic route. Taking an impromptu walk in a garden or park. Buying and delivering a  small gift to a friend. These are all acts of spontaneity.  We usually dart around our day with a written list in front of us or with a list in our heads of our marching orders. Compiled are the things to do, meetings, things to make or say, or pick up or buy. From the moment we wake up to the moment we end the day we have subconsciously planned out the moment to moment events AND outcomes that we expect to unfold. Why do we plan? Are we trying to get a grip on our existence? Fulfill a purpose?
Planning is important but not imperative. Spontaneity is essential but given least importance. Planning comes from the mind. Spontaneity comes from the heart. Planning comes from the control of fear of doing something wrong. Spontaneity comes from the freedom of doing something right. It resonates a better vibration, a feeling of connection with your soul. I would like to use the idea that planning is your material self acting out, and spontaneity is your soul trying to perform. We are most alive when we are being spontaneous and most disconnected when things do not go according to plan. The nature of being  spontaneous usually takes on the element of surprise unto whomever you are being spontaneous, which usually ends up with a happier outcome. If while being spontaneous your thought from the soul does not go as expected, then you usually are not disappointed. Quite the opposite if you were planning something that did not work out,  then your mind brings forth the whys, the why nots, the doubts, the fears, the negative emotions.
Spontaneity disrupts the monotony, planning prolongs it. Being spontaneous each moment brings about the rejuvenated nature of the soul. But you have to let yourself go and let your-Self take over. Disconnect the mind, so the soul has a chance to express it-Self. One may think that being spontaneous is being like an artsy fairy, with wishy-washing thinking, but that is probably the same person who will plan to go to see a sunset and end up missing it while looking the wrong way.
Have you ever watched little children play? We may criticize their attention span and compare it to that of bees hopping from flower to flower, but if you watch them carefully a child’s behavior is  very spontaneous. They eat, sleep, cry, play, when their soul is expressing it-Self, that is, when they feel like it. They are alive and that is how they learn. We try to plan their days, and use our skewed sense of organization to these little beings and get upset when their actions do not go according to our plan. When was the last time that you could get everything done according to your own  plan let alone some else’s life according to your plan for them? Interestingly just like bees performing a significant and important dance of pollination with apparent random acts of spontaneity, children do the same as they jump from activity to activity but are actually processing, learning and adapting more than we give them credit for. They learn the language of life through spontaneity. As adults we happily knock out these innate senses only to replace them with archaic concepts of planning, that we have adopted through fear. ” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” A true parable, and good words to exist by. However, a spontaneous life is how you can live.
Plan to be on time for your own funeral? Why not be spontaneous and be late to it !


Author: Brown Knight

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