Yesterday was an interesting training day..


Started off early in the morning at 5am with an hour on the bike…. followed by almost an hour of crossfit strength and conditioning…. got back Home in the evening and did a 9mile run and then finished it off with yoga and stretching with bands and foam rolling


I don’t actually enjoy exercising… it’s more fun with friends or my family but overall I much rather do other things like writing, teaching and studying


But it is about embracing the grind.. and getting out of my comfort zone… putting in the effort and persevering… to fulfill a purpose…. for me it is about getting healthier ( and races)


When I stopped making the same choice that I always made I pushed past being comfortable and headed to become my new self. It was not easy having to make the choice of physical exercise because it takes hard work but when our goal is high enough we find a way


95% of who we are is based on what our mind tells us who we are as a body. It is through small habits that we started building better results. So on this journey I’ve been doing the same thing over and over again and finally my body does it better than my brain.


I had to push past and no complaining the no whining and just doing and understanding self accountability and self-responsibility are the cornerstones of success


My body finally became my mind through repetition and it started becoming easier and I started feeling stronger and yesterday’s 9 mile run was literally effortless and I felt I could keep on going


And this is where the initiate finally becomes the master. It is the transformation from the MIND to the BODY to the SOUL. This is how KNOWLEDGE morphs through EXPERIENCE into the WISDOM. It is the body that does the work


THINKING becomes DOING and then BEING and then BECOMING


It’s NOT about starting tomorrow but making a choice about STARTING RIGHT NOW


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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