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November full moon

Welcome to the full moon that follows the 11/11 energy star portal which is a potent gateway for spiritual advancement and awakening

Here is a little invocation I created in mediation to assist you in activating the gridlines of love within you and across the planet

Take a deep breath and then with heart centered love………repeat 3x.

“I am my true self

I hearby surrender All vows, hinderances, obstacles of this life and All lifetimes.

I accept all my flaws and failures of past and present

I embrace my infinite potential with ease and grace

I allow Divine light to flood my consciousness

I step into my true light and divine presence

I am now aware of my Boundless love

I am empowered to assist myself and others in the spirit of oneness

My Incarnation is to fulfill my soul purpose

I love the the earth, humanity and all of nature

I awaken my divine DNA

So be it

As above so below,

as within so without”
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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