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Thanks and Giving Day A memorable day of thanks given for a historic day of kindness and extraordinary unity as a people of one nation welcomed the troubled citizens of another, with an act of peace. Helping a fellow being in unconditional service is as close to touching the divinity within, worth celebrating with
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The other day I was just falling asleep and I glanced at the kids and wifey lying next to me. They are my physical family bound by blood and genetics. My mind wandered remembering my parents and when I was a child and seeing the idea of family through a child’s eyes and further my […]
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Changing your world

“You better watch.out…..What goes around……comes around” An old adage rooted in fear designed to make us watch our words and actions. If I only watch what I think….from a place of unconditional love… Then every thing follows without harm. We live in and among energetic
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Growing up

Scrolling through social media I came upon an interesting pattern. Whenever the children start growing up the parents put up pictures of them with sometimes a saddened message along the lines of surprise ” where did the years go by? Or how did this happen my little baby or OMG you are old enough to […]
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Scrolls of truth

There are times when we will give anything to find the truth. We are by our very nature an evolving species constantly thriving to learn and grow. We can travel a lifetime looking and searching for the holy grail of knowledge or understanding of the mysteries of the universe. Yet why is it when we […]
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