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An interesting story. I has a remarkable client who came to me with back pain. He had looked into traditional medicine and so far all the work up was negative. Yet the pain persisted and was not necessarily related to any posture or movement by continuing to hinder his daily routines. After taking a detailed history we used “out of the traditional box” methodology. 

Using a process of perception integration combined with  energy medicine we discovered that his back pain was an issue of where he was “unsupported” in his life and he had taken everyone’s workload at work, at home and his environment onto his “back” and was trying to hold the entire burden. 

When we completed working together and dissolved his perceptions and created a clear plan of action and boundaries, the back pain had resolved. Back issues usually are related to feelings of lack of an adequate support mechanism. We all have at one time or another experienced back pain, and thought it to be related to a ” muscle pull” or sleeping funny or carrying something inappropriately. These may all be true, yet not always the only possibility. 

Our body holds all records of our entire lifetime and what is stored as imbalances in our psychology manifests as ailments in the body. 

I am grateful to have been able to help him with his back pain. 

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I love you 

Author: Brown Knight

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