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Crossfit kids wod

WHOO HOOO. Another successful Crossfit kids wod I made up for my kids

We had a blast. Yes I had fun too.

WARM UP: Spin 3x in any direction with arms out. Be a helicopter
10 Jumping jacks
Run once from one end of drive way to the other
Shake all parts of body

( repeat 2x)

SKILL: SQUAT PRACTICE. Focussing on 1) keeping knees out 2) pockets under knees ( for better squats)

WOD : 3 rounds
5 Wall balls ( keeping good form on squat)
5 burpees

GAME: Dodge ball. 3 rounds Each person starts at one end of driveway. Balls are in center of driveway. At time GO. Each person gets two balls and throws it at other. If you are hit then freeze for 3 seconds. If you are above 5years of age you have to hop. Daddy plays too.

RECOVERY: rest and younger kid names as many body parts. older kid identifies food groups by category of vegetables or fruit ( little education thrown in )

Tremendous amount of fun ness.

Programming for kids is as much fun as raisin bread… no let me see CINNAMON RAISIN bread even more fun !!
I love you

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