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Going to the movies

Going to the movies Buttered popcorn, large soda, outrageously priced snacks and with tickets in hand we eagerly get into the movie theater with all sorts of expectations for a great movie fantasy experience to help us escape the mundane dreariness of our realities. The previews are usually my favorite as I plan
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Dancing steps

Dancing steps We love to dance. Old or young, regardless of gender, race, creed or even experience, we love to dance. The rhythmic movements of our bodies as we glide, swing, fly or leap from one position to another to the beat of the music. We are always on the go whether it is via […]
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Paying up your co pay

Paying up your co-pay In the USA we have a very complex health care system and when you go to the doctors office, you must pay a small amount of money to the health care practice, whereby your health insurance will pay the remaining of the contracted amount. Without the co-pay, the health insurance is […]
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